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Sunday, July 18, 2010

This Past Week......

I didn't do much! I went to the gym a few times & ran a few errands ... talked with Megan on the phone everyday & started watching the old BBC tv show called "Upstairs, Downstairs"! I have ordered all 5 seasons on Netflix! I took my vitamins everyday & watered the plants out on the deck... it's been hot here like everywhere! I read a book called "The Blue Bistro" and started another one by one of my favorite authors, Anne Tyler! We had a new security system installed (so don't even think about breaking in to our house)!!! I kept up with the laundry ... washing, drying, folding and neatly putting everything away :) I studied up on fun things to do in London for our upcoming trip to Great Britain! I discovered Thomas everything bagel thins @ the grocery store! I played "Words With Friends" with Megan, Pizzledog, Banana Slugs & Emily everyday! I didn't buy any clothes, or presents or anything out of the ordinary! Penny the siamese cat ... sat in my lap alot, just like she's doing now, always purring sweetly! Every morning I read the paper from front to back, except for the sports page which Stephen claims the moment he awakens! I didn't talk to any of our neighbors but, it's been so hot that no one is chit chatting over the fence these days! I enjoyed checking out Facebook to see what everyone else is up to these lazy days of summer & discovered that everyone is having fun too! Birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, vacations ... lots of lovely pictures! My favorite part of every day this past week has been Dillan Grace Taylor, age 20 months!
She came over everyday! Monday :) Tuesday :) Wednesday :) Thursday :) Friday :) and then of course we missed her yesterday and today! We are now desperately hoping that we'll see her again tomorrow! The thing about Dillan is that she puts you into this youthful and mellow mood! It just seems natural to chill out with Dillan ... discovering the things that she is noticing for the first time! Entertaining her with simple words and simple magical emotions & the smiles back and forth! She is just naturally so loving! Exclaiming "I Love It" ...cuddling into our bodies saying, "Oh Honey"..... my life now is being with Dillan whenever I can! That's all I want to be now... Tay Tay Grandma! I love thinking like and being a kid again with Dillan!

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