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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Nose Honking & Senior Tequila's!

On Monday Dillan came to visit while Beau & Kim went to see a movie show called Inception! She gleefully "honked" our noses all afternoon! Today we met up with Kylie & Baby Isaac & Grandma Lynne for lunch!

Baby Isaac slept through the entire Mexican feast! He didn't even open his eyes once, not even when Dillan tickled his itty bitty toes! Kylie was the most beautiful "Mother" and so in control! (I on the other hand looked like the frazzled Tay Tay ... rice & toddlers don't mix @ eating establishments) Lynne looked elegant, as usual!!! Having recently returned from family trips to Ohio and Texas!

Dillan warmed up to Gma Lynne & Kylie and showed off her superior verbal, social & motor skills! Including some "cool" tricks she learned on Yo Gabba Gabba.... the "infamous" spoon on the nose trick!

Thank you girls for a fun luncheon and for so graciously picking up the tab!!!! I'm glad I left before you so I didn't have to turn around and witness the huge mess Dillan and I made under the high chair!!! Thanks!

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