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Sunday, September 5, 2010

Always Living Vicariously Through My Daughter!

Throughout the years I have always anxiously awaited that certain telephone funky ring every morning from Megan ... she is usually on her way to Starbucks, walking her darling Scotty Dog Walter! It's always exciting to hear what she did the night before in the ever exciting Los Angeles area... I have always worried that she wasn't getting enough sleep but... when I hear about the fabulous time she had that night before... I always say... you can catch up tonight on your sleep Megan! She's been out having the time of her life with a certain young man that has made her forget about her beauty sleep! But that doesn't matter much because the young man seems to give her something more important than sleep! A sense of pure joy! Thanks to Zach for making Megan Taylor so happy!

What a cute couple!

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