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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

UG Fighter Buzz List ....Beau Taylor "One Man Army"! #6 Wow!

Beau "OMA™” Taylor #6 on UG Fighter Buzz List!
Each week they apply a proprietary algorithm to MMA activities on line ... like stats, search, voting and e-mail stories to friends etc ... to find out who the "Buzz" is about! Yeah Beau!

Even though Beau won his "World Champion Title" back in 2005 and is no longer fighting actively, he is making quite a BUZZ with his color commentary for the fights! Thanks to Shine Fights and Bruce Beck and all of Beau's colleagues and fans!

He's been known for his humor and trolling skills but now ... everyone is sitting up and taking notice because he actually knows his stuff about fighting! He is an all American College Wrestler and studied under & fought with Chuck Liddell on the central coast of California! His best friend then and now is fellow wrestler, Jake Shields, they remain close friends to this day! In his youth he spent one month at the University of Minnesota perfecting his wrestling skills at camp & then on to the legendary Dan Gables camp in Iowa! Nobody sincerely loves this sport like Beau Taylor!
And he's my son and I love him to pieces!

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