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Friday, October 1, 2010

Jarret & The Possum!

My niece Morgan's new handsome husband, Jarret, has been here this week doing all sorts of miscellaneous home improvements. Today the big project is to cut 3 inches off the four legs to our four poster bed! I'm so looking forward to not having to climb "up" into our bed tonight!

I was so impressed with his array of tools!
Jarret is also putting a new funky black ceiling fan in Stephen's office!

Play possum ... pretend to be asleep or unconscious when threatened (in imitation of an opossum’s behavior). Feign ignorance?
This is the unexpected visitor that Jarret chased off with the shovel ... it ran under our shed!

While Jarret is battling the possums of Fashionable Utica Square .... Stephen and I are heading to the movie show to see, "The Social Network"!!!!

Such an exciting day! And...... Stephen is in 1st place in his Rotisserie Leaque with 3 days left!

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hub of the house said...

I want to see that movie but I don't want a run in with a possum!!!