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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

IN-N-OUT Burger Party Hats :)

I guess it's just legendary that The Taylor's have always loved & been big IN-N-OUT fans .... Probably just like most people that have been able to enjoy the most yummy fast food chain in the world! I will never forget this moment ... we had just seen the sunset at the Grand Canyon the night before (Most Beautiful) and the next day we are headed to California and Stephen sees an IN-N-OUT sign and most emphatically says, "Seeing that sign means more to me than seeing the Grand Canyon!!!" :) I actually think he was really really, really hungry when he said this! Last week when our plane landed and after we picked up our red Smart Car we headed straight to the nearest IN-N-OUT and GUESS who knew and so delightfully met us ...Yes, our dear sweet Megan! After that Wednesday night we enjoyed many more dining experiences with Megan & Zach i.e Sushi, Mexican, Street food, Breakfast and then....THE BEST BBQ FOOD EVER @ Zach's Venice Beach rooftop gathering on Sunday night! He cooked the most perfect tri tip & chicken & burgers, no one left hungry or unsatisfied! Our hats are off to you Zach ... for throwing a fabulous evening of fun ... mixed with the best camaraderie of friends and family!

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