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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Zach's Venice Roof Top BBQ!

Just the three of us! The oceanfront sunset was amazing!

Megan and friends Karen, Sara, Kristen & Jaime!

Enjoying the sunset with Megan & Zach!

We really enjoyed hanging out with Zach! He puts on an excellent BBQ!

Mia, Jaime, Megan & Karen!

Hanging out with Zach's parents ....the lovely Robin & witty Bob!

Just three of my favorite people!

Stephen got some good airplane reading in his grab bag!

Everyone at the BBQ received a surprise grab bag:)

Megan has the greatest and most accomplished friends!

We had the greatest night meeting so many wonderful people!

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Anonymous said...

All in all a remarkable display of a postcard-perfect sunset artfully backgrounding some really happy (and witty) people. Those Venicians are so lucky.