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Thursday, November 11, 2010

I'm So Jealous Of Emily & Matt!!!!

I went over to Emily & Matt's home minutes after they had a brand new GIANT 3D flat screen TV mounted on the wall in their family room! I had the pleasure of experiencing 3D viewing (Alice In Wonderland) and it was sooooooo amazing! I went home and literally begged Stephen to get us one too! I had never seen anything in 3D! It's so cool!

I was @ The Dunaway's to go through some of Sophie's "barely used" clothes for Dillan, I came home with a bag full of all sorts of fun clothes! One of which was this sweet pink winter cap & mittens..... last night we couldn't get her to take them off :)

I like this picture because of the reflection on the "Statue Of Liberty" coffee table of Dillan!
The coffee table was a gift to my maternal Grandparents on their wedding day around 1917 ... I have always been pleased to have inherited this lovely little table :)

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Emily Dunaway said...

Glad we could entertain you! You got some real finds too! Happy to see Dillan loves her new goodies! xoxo