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Thursday, December 30, 2010

I loooooove their root beer in the frosty mug! Brownies!

Megan loves to go to Brownie's when in Tulsa! The problem about that is ... they are usually closed during holidays and on Sunday & Monday and most of the time we cannot accommodate her longing for a 1940's greasy cheeseburger!

Here's to you Megan! We have loved having you here to celebrate our family & Christmas! Good call, forget "True Grit" the movie, eating at Brownies was a lot more fun!

How cool is that! They now have a "Food Van" like the cool LA places have! You look so cute in this picture!

Megan & Daddy always take a great picture together :) They are two peas in a pod!

And then the cheeseburger and everyone is happy! When we went with Grandma she would always order Buttermilk as her drink! How crazy cool is that? They have exceptional cole slaw and homemade pies!


DAnna said...

I see you're still on your quest for the perfect cheeseburger! Looks like you and your family had a great Christmas. We did too!

hub of the house said...
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hub of the house said...

ummm...pretty certain you don't drink root beer!!!