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Thursday, December 30, 2010

"It's true wherever you find love, it feels like Christmas".

Just like all year round, this Christmas we tried to "Keep Calm & Carry On" during the holiday crazies! Thanks Megan for the journal!

This is a picture of what made our Holiday season extra special beyond words! Dillan Grace Taylor! You cannot help but love this time of year when you are with a two year old and seeing the magic through her eyes!

Stephen got a calendar that he really liked ... among many other special gifts!

Megan was thrilled to get a new coat from one of her favorite stores, Anthropologie! She had her eye on this amazing jacket! Thanks to Zach & his sister! They made it happen!

Dillan watches her Daddy open a canvas portrait of herself!
I didn't have time to get it framed... that's on my after Christmas to do list!

Megan show's off her new Juicy Couture houndstooth cashmere gloves ... she really needed them while visiting Tulsa! It was COLD!

Doesn't Dillan look precious in her new winter coat?

Beau, Dillan and Kim pose for a traditional Christmas photo in front of our real live Christmas tree!

Megan encouraged Stephen to prepare a seafood broil for Christmas... I think we loved the crab legs the best!

Beau & Megan were sous chefs, helping out their Dad prepare our Christmas dinner!

I was in Christmas heaven not having to cook:)

Cousin Morgan, Megan & Kim living it up @ our favorite "hole in the wall" Mexican restaurant, El Rio Verde!

It's rare to see me with a beer in hand, it's usually a glass of chardonnay! Just the same....Cheers & Happy New Year!

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