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Saturday, February 19, 2011

22 Hours With Dillan!

A present for ME? Dillan anticipates a present from Abuelo... having just visited Fashionable Utica Square! It's something ever so sweet she spied in a window display while hanging out at Starbucks yesterday!

Oh! What's that? It's the Oscar Mayer Weiner mobile parked next to PF Changs in Fashionable Utica Square ... Dillan said, "That's a big Hotdog car"!!!

It's 79 degrees in Febuary? In the last two weeks we have had a 100 degree temperature swing... how can that be? Dillan helped her Abuelo fill up the fountain out on the deck!

She came in soaked and so happy and yet they went out to fill the fountain out front too! We've had the doors open and can hear the sweet sounds of the trickling water :) After experiencing a blizzard just two weeks ago ... we are cherishing our sunny afternoons!

Now we are on to finger painting!!! While Abuelo supervised the art project I was busy back in the master bath filling up the jacuzzi with warm bubble water so we could carry her directly to her splish splash fun! Once Dillan was in her soft jammies she was ready to call it a day... Abuelo slept peacefully downstairs & I slept upstairs in the bedroom next to Dillan. I swear I heard her everytime she turned over.... which means I didn't get a good night's sleep :) But that's okay!

After having gone to the famous "Blue Dome Route 66 Cafe" for breakfast with dear friends Bob & Rhonda ....She had some "Humpty Dumpty" eggs and was ready to run around the backyard and get dirty and have fun like everyone else today!! Dillan even tried to climb a tree:) A present for me? Just an old fashion sock monkey! So cute!

Oh No! I don't want Abuelo to go off to work.... so I'm lucky that he'll make it easier for me by taking me on a spin around the block and let me honk the mini cooper horn!

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