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Monday, February 7, 2011

Some Of My Favorite Birthday Greetings....

This was a "melt my heart" Birthday greeting from the sweetest two year old in our world! Thanks Dillan... you make me want to keep having lots of birthdays:)

My dearest adorable Megan... sending me the most creative Birthday card (as always :) ... Thank you for the wonderful tribute on your blog to my 57th birthday.... check out lastnametaylor.blogspot.com for all the fabulous updates on Megan's life :)

Check out this truly good looking boyfriend.... the "going steady" guy that has Megan's heart going pitter patter... Thank you Zach for sending Birthday wishes.... Hope your upcoming day is as special!

And here's my much loved nephew Jaimie, who is the creative genius behind the Tony Hawk empire .... sending me a very cool Happy Birthday!
Thanks to everyone who so willingly held up a sign saying "Happy Birthday Janie" and for taking a picture and sending it to Megan.... Thank you Megan for the loving tribute!
I sincerely hope everyone goes to her blog just because she's my darling daughter & because you'll see that she really does love her Mama!

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