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Tuesday, February 15, 2011


The first arrow struck in the morning when Stephen walked in with a LOVELY flower bouquet!

I LOVE gerber daisies :) While he was purchasing the flowers up in Fashionable Utica Square @ the flower shoppe ..... he was filmed for the nightly news, which we LOVED watching later in the eve!

Hello Kitty is the spitting image of Chickie Baby! The second arrow came when Dillan opened up a Hello Kitty bag containing her very own stuffed Chickie Baby! She LOVED it!

One of cupid's arrow was definitely the LOVE of picking Dillan up from pre-school and having her come home with us to play!

Dillan LOVES to have tea parties up in her princess house with her dolls ..... we decided it was time she served something sweet with the tea and now she has some yummy fake cupcakes!

A very LOVING day, indeed!

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