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Saturday, April 2, 2011

Giraffe... Having a coat patterned with brown patches separated by lighter lines!

A giraffe sofa walked into our living room on Friday morning April 1st, April Fool's Day! A Joke?

When looking for fabric to reupholster our down sofa in the living room I didn't look long! I brought home this sample of a giraffe pattern and Stephen and I both laughed out loud and smiled and said, "Why Not?" !!!!

We are probably a professional interior designer's nightmare! But our home is full of all sorts of crazy fun things that somehow come together because? Well because..... it's our happy stuff!
Success to a happy marriage... agree!

This was a decision that "Both Of Us" agreed upon.... a funny "Giraffe" sofa! A very tiny two year old came over today (Dillan) and Abuelo asked her what she thought of the new sofa and she replied, "It's very stylish Abuelo!" That did it for us.... it's definitely the coolest sofa in all of Fashionable Utica Square!

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