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Monday, April 25, 2011


Our Oklahoma climate simply adores ferns of any kind.... humidity!

We had a HAIL storm late night before Easter morning! We actually woke up scared from the bombardment ...It felt like we were being bombed! Between the thunder & lightning and the large marble size hail ...We heard glass breaking! But atlas, it must have been our neighbors because we were still intact when Stephen checked! Of course, we were worried about hail damage to our cars (We unfortunately have no garage).... but all was well when we awoke at sunrise on Easter!

Within a few days, all of our Knock Out Roses bloomed and the contrast with the new lush springtime green seems just beautiful to behold to our eyes! I would estimate that we have well over two trillion roses in bl00m :) All over the back yard!

I haven't really started my spring/summer planting as of yet.... the pansies are burgeoning so majestically from their sleep! They labored through the winter! Why should I replace them with a summer annual so soon? I will let them live until the hot summer sun calls them back!
After I get back from visiting my sweet daughter Megan in Los Angeles, that's when I will happily start digging in the dirt!
Dillan's spending the night and I have some packing to do.... a mani/pedi appt and a big time hairdo appt.... just gotta go to California at my best! I'm really looking forward to seeing Zach and his parents, Meg's friends and anyone and everyone I meet on my adventure!

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