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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Dillan Sweetly Called Me Grand Mother Today!

My heart melted! Oh, yes Dillan .... I'm your Grand Mother Tay Tay! I'm Grandma Tay Tay!
She seemed really proud to come to this conclusion .... I'm her Grand Mother.... And so proud!

We have showed her pictures of Megan and Beau when they were little, explaining that they grew up.... just like she will!
We have showed her pictures of Our Beloved Grandma (Stephen's Mom) ... I'm not quite sure she understands that Abuelo had a Mommy & Daddy?
All I know is that she called me Grandmother, and I was ever so proud to claim the name!

She yelled .... Grandmother, Grandmother ... where are you? I was in the next room folding clothes! It was like hearing the sweetest song on earth!

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