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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Table Rock Lake Summer Fun!!!!!!

We packed up the Land Rover and headed north-east with Kim & Dillan! Our first stop was two blocks away ...to Fashionable Utica Square for Starbucks coffee :} We lunched in Joplin MO at Maria's Mexican Restaurant! With our tummies full of mexican tacos and chili rellenos ... we got back on the road .... listening to Micky Mouse cd's & Radiohead cd's!
Once we got to Chateau On The Lake, Abuelo & Kim headed off for hot stone massages & Dillan & I explored the hotel and went to the pool!

We really enjoyed our entire weekend and were especially sad to say goodbye to three days of pure luxury! We headed south to Arkansas so we could drive home through Springdale for some AQ panfried chicken:)

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DAnna said...

AQ chicken....yum.