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Saturday, March 31, 2012

RIP Uncle Charles

This is my Uncle Charles! My Mother's only sibling and my all time favorite Uncle! He was always so sweet and loving to me. He was really, really funny! He was a hero during World War 2 and was a career air force man, when he retired he was a Colonel! He flew over 200 missions to Berlin to deliver coal & food to their besieged citizens! After he retired in 1969 he returned to the University to get his masters degree in art! His sculptures and art are scattered all over the United States! He was also an actor .... starring in Chuckie Cheese commercials, and TV (Texas Walker Ranger & Dallas) and was even in a movie with Meg Ryan! He did lots of local theater, sang in the church choir and was beloved by all! I couldn't even begin to mention all the things he did in his lifetime, all the things he did to contribute to his community and to preserve history!
I talked with him just a few months ago right after he had turned 90 and he lifted my spirit, like he always has! Charles Beecham ... a life well lived :)

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