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Saturday, March 31, 2012

What's This?

Stephen and I saw this great sign when we passed an art/boutique in Brookside the other day! When we went back the giant one was sold (someone else is living the dream too) ... so we have ordered the large one and I'm hoping to give this smaller one to Megan or someone else who thinks that their life is "DREAMY"!
Just saying ... it's not really hard living your dream! Stephen and I have been married almost 39 years and it does take a lot of effort to keep your dreams alive! Hello ... you have to commit to your dream every single day .... whether it be up or down ... but mostly follow your dream and try and live it........And be happy!

What's this?
Stephen and I went up to Fashionable Utica Square for breakfast at Wildfork this morning! So yummy! While Stephen was paying the bill, I ran into Snow Goose and found this cheeseburger IPhone cover! Still searching for the perfect cheeseburger! That's me!

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