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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

What do Baby Princess Tiana, Harajuku Mini & Orange Stripe Docksiders Have In Common?

Dillan Grace Taylor! And Tay Tay & Abuelo! And in this case a innocent trip to Target to buy an IPod for Stephen!

Wednesdays are definitely the HAPPIEST DAY OF OUR WEEK! Stephen and I wake up whistling and singing because we know we'll get to see Dillan for just a few short hours before Beau picks her up when he gets off work! Yesterday we went to Target just to get Stephen an Ipod for the gym and ended up with more things for Dillan! The Harajuku Mini collection of clothes is so cool.... so we bought this adorable dress for her! After having a "no shoe" scare a few weeks ago we had to get the orange stripe loafers! Disney now has all the Princess's in baby form..... sleeping up stairs are Baby Snow, Cindrella and now we can surprise her with Baby Tiana tomorrow! We stopped by Whole Foods to pick up our and Dillan's favorite foods ... We are also excited that this coming weekend is Beau's weekend to have his sweet little girl and sometimes we get to see her:) Shout out to Kim.... we will always be available to watch over Dillan!
P.S. Stephen staged this crazy photo!

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