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Saturday, January 23, 2010


I have a very important bet in which the winnings include a luncheon date @ Abuelo's!! A mexican restaurant named after Stephen's "Grandpa" name! Abuelo! It's out south in "any where in America" but that's okay.... we do have to travel outside of our fashionable Utica Square box sometimes! I took the Vikings in honor of my favorite young man in LA.... yep, the handsome Tim Root!

The Super Dome will officially be rocking in New Orleans this weekend. The Vikings and the Saints are squaring off in a titanic battle of elite teams in the NFC. The top two teams from the regular season in the NFC are meeting in what should be a classic game. If you like battles between elite quarterbacks, this game has it. If you like big name running backs that have the ability to leave defender’s ankles broken, you’ve got it here. If you like to see opportunistic defenses that like to take the ball away and sack the quarterback, look no further. The Vikings are currently 3.5 point underdogs against the Saints Sunday. But I don't care! Brett will come through for all of us Viking fans!

Go Vikings!


Janie Taylor said...

Well, my bet was a tie since I was awarded 3 points ... so sorry Vikings fans! I really want them to go to the SUPER BOWL! Now who do I root for? Tim Root will tell me!

Tim said...

Well you would think that I would want the team that beat the Vikings to win the super bowl to show how good they were but really I want them to suffer so GO COLTS!!!!!! Not to mention that the tireless Kim Johnson Taylor was writing facebook posts on how she wanted the Vikes to lose so to her I say down with Brees.