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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Woke Up To A Soft Snowfall This Morning ...It Was Beautiful!

AND THEN CAME BABY DILLAN... Who is sporting a bit of a cold but still her cheerful self!

We have had the GREAT honor of babysitting Dillan the past few days....she is so amazing! Who on earth wouldn't be jealous? Watching a developing youngster is just so fun! I have nothing else to do, so I love having her here @ our humble abode! The great news is she said, "Tay Tay" ....my designated Grandma Name! Numerous times! Tay Tay .... her arms opened wide and my arms opened wide! I am so rocking! Being a grandparent is just totally rolling & rocking! Come back soon sweet baby....Abuelo & I love you so!


hub of the house said...

mia thinks you look like rita wilson

Janie said...

I'm cuter! Don't you think? She must have watched Oprah the other day?