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Saturday, September 11, 2010

Happy 61 Mr. Stephen Christopher Taylor! You Are The Best....

You are the best friend I could ever have Stephen! This picture was taken one year ago! So many people showed up for your 60th birthday celebration on top of The Shade Hotel In Manhattan Beach! Your many extended cousins and relatives and friends were their to celebrate by eating cookies with your face upon them :) Both baby & adult! You are so many things to so many people that have known you throughout your life... Stephen Taylor ....I will always love you and celebrate your life... thanks for including me all these years!!

You are the best "Father in Law" to our dear Kim... whom we love with all our hearts! She listens to you about matters of the heart and football picks :)

You are the best and most generous man on earth! Thank you for showering me with flowers and love for so many years!

You are the best friend to so many people that are lucky to really know how wonderful you are!

Your are the best brother to Pete and it's been so nice living just a few miles apart from your one and only sibling :) Well, Hello .. Grandma @ Grandpa are loving it!!!!

You were the best pet owner and loving caretaker of our beloved Petuka... I know she's in heaven remembering the times you played with her and gave her so much love!

You are the best master of of a sweet siamese cat named Penny!

You are the best and most admiral Father to our lovable Beau! Out of 61 years, Beau has been lucky to have had you as a Father for 32 years & you are the best! I also love how much you appreciate him and how warm you feel when you are with him :) A great "Father/Son" Love!

You are the best and sweetest Husband to Jane for 37 years! Thanks honey! We have had such fun times and I'm looking to so many more!

You are the best and simply adoring Father to sweet Megan! You have been there for her each and everyday of her beautiful life and always will be.... you love your little girl!

You are the best and most amazing Grandfather to Dillan! You have been beyond incredibly amazing with our sweet Dillan! I am sure you are setting a new standard for being the best "Abuelo" of the universe!

And the grand finale ... Megan secured Richard Simmon's special tribute to you! Please check out lastnametaylor.blogspot.com to see more tributes to Stephen's birthday!

Happy Birthday Stephen My Love!

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hub of the house said...

lastnametaylor.com - not blogspot
happy bday dad!!!