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Friday, January 13, 2012

Once A Princess, Always A Princess!

Little girls love so many things! We are so totally embracing Dillan Princess-ness! Because we know that she will always be a Sweet Princess to us! Just like her Aunt Megan is still our Princess too! Two Princess Taylors, what a Kingdom!

Forget Dora The Explorer... Forget Yo Gabba Gabba! Even Toy Story is fading a bit! It's the Princess phase in this little girl's life! After wandering around the Disney store in rapture .... Princess Dillan actually wore the Cinderella wedding gown, glass slippers and veil out of the store! People passing by Dillan continued to comment on how beautiful she was ...If they didn't, she would stop and ask them, "Do I look pretty?" And then low and behold there appeared in her sight, a Merry Go Round with sparkling lights! Sooooooooo we took the trip fantastic! There are some moments in your life when time stands still, you forget your cares and woes and just live in the moment! Think about it? It always happens on a Carousel :)

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