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Sunday, January 29, 2012

A Pawnee Birthday Adventure!

My friends took me to Pawnee Oklahoma to celebrate my birthday!

With Lynne & Gail :)
We went to the world famous "Clicks" for lunch! I got to try a cheeseburger "Pawnee" style!

Clicks is famous for their funky meringue pies!

Who would have thought that "Dick Tracy" originated out of this sleepy little town?

Does anyone remember the old Rexall Drug stores? Paynee still has one on Main Street!

You just can't go to Pawnee without visiting Buffalo Bill's Ranch!

The Pawnee Bill Ranch was once the show place of the world renowned WILD WEST SHOW entertainer!

Buffalo Safari! We drove through the ranch and sometimes were just a few feet from these beasts!

There were hundreds of them roaming the ranch!

Some of them would even get on the little road and block our path!

This big guy practically put his head in the back seat window where I was sitting in Lynne's car!

I'm not sure if they even have tails? But that is a sign posted in a window in downtown Pawnee?

Long Horn Steers?

It was a really crazy fun day and only my two crazy fun friends could have thought of such a crazy fun birthday escape!

Lynne & Gail definitely "LIT A FIRE" under my otherwise pretty boring life!

Thank You ... Thank You... Thank You!

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