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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Bill's Jumbo Burgers ... Next Door To Thelma's Bar!

I wonder who Thelma is? Was she Bill's wife? Or is it just another shack next door to Bill's?

We'd heard the "food buzz" that this run down burger joint was going to be featured on National TV!

We'd seen it along the freeway in a pretty shabby part of town ... And never ever never thought about sampling a Bill's Jumbo Burger until ......

Friends that know of my quest for the perfect cheeseburger actually double dared us to try one!

So yesterday on a quiet Monday we pulled up into their parking lot and much to our surprise, we couldn't even find a place to park! We parked next door at Thelma's bar! We had to wait for over 20 minutes for a Bill's special and because there is virtually no place to sit (a few stools inside and some picnic tables outside) we dined in our car!

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