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Sunday, January 8, 2012

A Little More Taylor Highlights!

I didn't expect that we would join our Saturday morning breakfast friends but Stephen insisted and I think it did him wonders! Dilly Deli was delicious as awhiles! On their menu they have a dish called Meg & one called Beau? How crazy is that?

Abuelo & Tay Tay love our IPAD cuddle time on the big bed with Dillan! She loves all the Princess videos and lately she has asked for Cinderella or Snow White! Some how the Betty Boop Cinderella cartoon always comes up and the song just keeps sticking in all of our minds ....
"I'm just a poor Cinderella, nobody loves me but me" When Abuelo sings it Dillan goes crazy because HE just can't be Cinderella!

Stephen saw these socks at SAK'S 5th Ave on Christmas Eve Day and loved, loved them! Some how a little Elf named Megan had them under the tree the next day! Fun socks!

The sweetest little old ladies of Tulsa make these books at the church! They are called Quiet Books! They show wee ones how to zip, tie a shoe, braid hair, match shapes, counting wheels of buttons, how to tie a bow, button a shirt & to tell time the old fashion way!

I suspect I'll have these house shoes forever! I love Ugg boots so I know I'll love these comfy round about slip ons!

Of course New's Years was pretty boring here! But we had Dillan just about the time she was to go to her bed ....The perfect place to drop off your Grandkids on the last day of the year! The young at heart go on to parties and celebrations! We all fell asleep together and in the distance we heard fireworks exploding and going bang.... and we fell asleep welcoming the New Year in our dreams!

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