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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Grandma Tay Memoirs!

It's been two precious days in a row that Dillan has come to visit! Dillan and I took a walk in the stroller and paraded around the neighborhood with our wee scotty dog, Petuka! Of course the "buzz" on South St. Louis Ave is the new baby! Dillan has met most of our amazing neighbors...the oohs & aahs are as loud as the bells of Utica Square! She cuddled for a bit with neighbor Ann...who puts our paper at the front door each and every morning while out walking her dog Annie! Beau took some snap shots of us before he dashed off to work! Yesterday I introduced Dillan to Beethoven's Symphony No.5: Allegro con brio! A MUST download from your Itunes store! At just a little over four months her little arms moved around just like she was conducting!


DAnna said...

I see that Dillan is sporting a fashionable head scarf much like her Grandma Tay likes to wear! How cute.

hub of the house said...