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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

"The Story Of Edgar Sawtelle"

I just downloaded The Story Of Edgar Sawtelle to my new Kindle 2!! It took me about two seconds! I'm looking forward to reading this Oprah favorite! Stephen has a new book too! He had to take a shower, get dressed, get into the car and drive all the way to Border's! Then he had to find a parking space and walk inside and browse around, pick a book and stand in line and pull out his wallet! He choose 386 pages of a paperback book (shout out to green people...what a waste of paper)!!! 7th Heaven by James Patterson for 14.99! We will, of course, recycle it @ a garage sale for 25 cents or donate it to Good Will for the tax receipt!!!
FYI All books downloaded from The Kindle Store are $9.99 or less!


DAnna said...

For "going green" you can't beat your friendly neighborhood Public Library. I check out books FOR FREE! And my nearest library is right downtown on the square, where you can shop or have a bite to eat as well. How convenient! I love the library!!!!!

Loving Tol Read Books said...

The Library is the bomb! It's okay that you don't have a Kindle 2...go green by getting a library card!!! Having a card means you are smart and you want to read!

hub of the house said...