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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Walter Worms His Way Into Beverly Hills!!!!

Walter McGreggor arrived safely to the city of Angels and has "wormed" his way into every one's heart! Megan called me about seven this morning (five a.m. West Coast time)...Tim was outside with Walter...taking a early morning break! (So begins the life of a couple with a puppy} So very often surprises don't turn out with so many people being jubilant and full of instant love and happiness! I'm glad this one was all of that and more! Walter is in good hands now and will probably be the greatest dog that ever walked this earth, besides our Petuka! Here's To Walter!
FYI: Walter was given the worm pill the day before he arrived...if you get my drift and have ever owned a puppy!


Team Harty said...

I heart my little walter! Tim is the best!

hub of the house said...

oops, I was signed in as sara chenoweth since I was on her blog last. this is meg!!! I am the one who hearts little walter!!!!

LA DOG CO said...

Yay Walter! See you soon JTay...xoxo