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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Where In The World Is Walter?

Such exciting happenings have taken place this past weekend without a certain Megan Meredith Taylor being privy! The handsome Tim Root conspired with Stephen and I to find the perfect "Walter McGreggor" scottish terrier puppy for Megan...a early birthday present from Tim! We found Walter at a nice young couples home, where we were able to see Mom & Pop! Walter has been hanging out with us since Saturday....mostly in the pack & play! He went to the vet yesterday and got the okay to head to his new home in Beverly Hills! I dropped Walter @ AA cargo early this morning and he arrives @ LAX 11:30 to be greeted by his new owner! Tim is "surprising Megan"...I'm sure we can check out her blog for all the exciting details later!!
A funny little side note: Cargo had 20 crates of roosters being sent to Hawaii? I arrived at sunrise..imagine the noise? Also a goat was being sent to Florida...Walter got to ride along with the goat as far as Dallas!


hub of the house said...

OMG!!!! I LOVE him soooo much! THANKS for helping get him to me...so sneaky!!!

hub of the house said...

Walter is a dream