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Saturday, April 25, 2009

My Sister Jill Comes For Lunch @ Queenies!

I had a little photo-gene fun with this photo! Aunt Jill (my older sister from El Reno Oklahoma) came to have lunch with me on Friday! I had an even older sister named Ann who passed away...this is my now only sis! She is just loving and crazy and a bubbling brook! We walked up to Utica Square to the famous "Queenies" to have the chicken salad sandwich! Caught up on all the happenings amongest our families! She has two grandchildren that are turning 2 years old, Ella & Wyatt...she gave me lot's of good grandma advice! I love her! And I bless her every day for the care she gives "Garnie" (My Mom & Grandma to Meg & Beau)...who is in a nursing home :( Happy Anniversary Guys!)

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Penny said...

I LOVE the chicken salad sandwich from Queenies!