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Friday, April 10, 2009

Meet The Garlock Family...It Will Be Your Delight!

If you check out the "other" blog links from firstnamejane.blogspot.com MY FRIENDS...You'll come across the name Danielle! Don't dismiss this one! Check it out as often as you can! She is Megan's GREAT friend,stemming from back in her days of Westlake High School Thespians! Danielle and Brian have been there for Megan when we were far away...she is part of their lovely family! I love Danielle's Mom, Grandma Suzette! They are the perfect ultra family! They have three gorgeous children....stunning actually! Just try and enjoy their blog when you can...you'll feel good about life!


hub of the house said...

awwwww cute! Danielle will add you as her friend as soon as she gets back from Florida!!!

Janie said...

Danielle works for US Weekly and is always being sent to fabulous places to "get the scoop" on the movie stars...another reason you should check out her blog! Look for her byline every week!