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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Pretty Weird?

Oh my Gosh! When I was in LA I found a closet in Meg's apartment full of "garage sale" stuff! In years past I have been addicted to garage sales ... yes, back when we owned the LA Times and I brought the customers their replacements for wet or missed papers... I had a pager and basically had to just wait around until I got a beep! I started going to garage and estate sales and... our home still has alot of fun treasures from that time in the Conejo Valley! Now I turn away from the signs and steer away!!!!! THE LAST THING I NEED IS MORE JUNK! But I couldn't resist Meg's pile because I found things that I had given her!! One of which was this CREEPY baby face that was a string holder that I remember was in Garnie's kitchen! Garnie is what we call my Mom!

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