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Thursday, May 26, 2011


We gathered at the Stonehorse Cafe up in Fashionable Utica Square in support of Pam, she recently lost her husband Andy.

Denise lives across the street and Pam lives next door!

Thank you Tim (our other next door neighbor & chef/owner of The Stonehorse Cafe) for serving us some wonderful wine! Cheers!
It's been a month or so since Andy passed away and we wanted Pam to know we were all here for her!

We are newborns on the block... (Stephen and I) we have only been here 10 years this August! Most everyone else has lived here for well over 20 years! A testimony to our fabulous neighborhood!

Ann (on your right) was actually born and raised in her house:)
Everyone had a wonderful time and we now have plans to luncheon every two months!

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DAnna said...

OMG....you've been in Tulsa TEN YEARS?? Seems like just last week I came to your yard sale in Shell Beach and saw you packing up your 2 moving vans!