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Friday, February 26, 2010

First Presbyterian Circle Four

When Grandma Taylor passed away I joined the Circle she belonged to for the years she lived here in Tulsa! Yesterday I hosted the ladies .... we meet on the last Thursday of the month @ someone's home! We are currently studying JOSHUA A Journey Of Faith! One of these sweet little old ladies turns 95 on March 11th! Each month we collect things for various charities, whether it's coats & blankets for the homeless, used eyeglasses for the poor in our Mexico mission ...this month we are needing things for unfortunate little ones (babies through pre-school) The children that are picked up by Children's Protective Services!

Circles: Presbyterian Women offer you the opportunity to get acquainted in small groups called "Circles." Ten Circles meet monthly (September-May) at various times and locations for Bible study, mission study and fellowship. There are coffee circles, luncheon circles and night circles, some meeting at the church and some in members' homes

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