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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

The Lady Bug Lady From Shell Beach ...

Sent me this ever so sweet Scotty dog! She picked it up at the Women's Club Arts & Crafts Fair in Arroyo Grande, on the central coast! The artist is Sharon Kutz of Studio Musings. Thank you so much Lady Bug Lady!

Her Birthday card said, " All is fine & dandy, except Shell Beach misses you" ! We miss Shell Beach too! Especially YOU!
A little Scotty dog gift couldn't have arrived at a better time....our own Scotty dog, Petuka, underwent surgery yesterday to have a tumor removed ... so sad. Thanks for cheering me up!


hub of the house said...

love it! looks just like walter

Janie Taylor said...

You mean "Walter" from the famous blog? I Heart Walter.blogspot.com ?????