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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

1975 ....Young & Crazy In Love!


I am pretty sure that I am expecting or about to be expecting our beloved daughter, Megan Meredith Taylor! (6-7-76) Little did we know that she would bring us never ending happiness! Such profound joy! We were just starting our life.... Stephen & I ... married in July of 1973 ... finding our way :>) My heart felt thanks goes out to everyone that has helped us along our journey!
My Academy Award Speech ....
Thanks most importantly to Stephen for not giving up on me and for being my best friend of a lifetime!
To my children for letting me love you!
To my friends... how heavenly it has been to know and to have been apart of your lives!
To my children for loving me back!
To the wonderful Siamese cats we have loved & to the sweet Scottie Dogs we have loved!
To the beaches of Southern California where we have lived!
To the suburbs inland from Malibu!
To the beautiful homes we have lived in that made us all comfy and carefree in life!
To all the flowers & plants I have planted.... connecting me to this great earth!
To society for letting me live a bit outside the box!
To God for letting me wake up every morning and go to sleep every night with a happy attitude about life!
I hold up my award? It's a bowl of yummy pasta that Stephen just cooked for dinner!

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DAnna said...

It's amazing Jane....you haven't changed a bit! You two were a darling couple 35 years ago, and a darling couple now!