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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Abuelo & Dillan

What a fabulous Tuesday! We picked up Beau & Dillan and went to Ron's Hamburgers! Dillan looked adorable as usual ... and literally said "Hi" to everyone in the restaurant! She's very outgoing like her Mama & Daddy, following in their footsteps, for sure! Every time we go out with Kim & Beau we witness millions of people that know them and happily greet them with high fives & hugs!
We have had the upmost pleasure of "hanging out" with Dillan most every week day! When she's not around we actually get lonely for Dillan!

After lunch Beau had some business & errands.... we delightfully brought Dillan home with us.....Abuelo had to leave to get his hair cut and this picture was taken when he returned! Nice hair cut handsome man!
If you have a chance to be around a baby, take it with glad heart .... they renew your spirit and your love of life!

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hub of the house said...

sounds fun! see you in less than a week - but when will I see you after that?