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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Al Capone In Hot Springs!

This famous gangster liked to hang out in Hot Springs, Arkansas back in the day! We encountered his famous "gangster car" in the lobby of the old Arlington Hotel this past weekend! This grand hotel was built in 1925, one year before our home was built! The hot mineral water was pumped directly into our room on the third floor.... we really enjoyed the Hot Springs!

Stephen and I dashed off in our little Mini Cooper on Valentine's Day and drove to Hot Springs.....through the Ozark Mountains during a lovely snow fall.....winding roads with delicate snowflakes swirling around like cupid arrows!

We were there for the President's Day horse racing @ Oak Lawn Park! Which, much to our dismay ..... they were canceled after the 4th race because of very cold weather! But, as you know ....Stephen and I are such very "happy campers" so the fun continued until the very moment we arrived back home! And them some!

Coming home was fun because we had the sweet anticipation of getting to have a sleep over with Dillan while Beau and Kim celebrated Fat Tuesday with friends!

We didn't get to the Gangster museum but hey, thanks to this sign .... we know there is one!
We came back with $28.00 less than what we took .... which says alot about Stephen's exceptional horse track betting skills! Way to pick the ponies Stephen!

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