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Monday, February 1, 2010

you don't look a day older...sorry, it's hard to say it with a straight face

Despite the fact that we had 7 inches of snow fall the day & night before, many of my good friends showed up to make old fashion Valentine cards & wish me Happy Birthday!

Stephen brought me the most beautiful bouquet of roses!

The old pine tree was blowing love & kisses to all of us!

MUY FELIZ DIA Time to get out the glue & glitter!

Michelle presented me with this marvelous t towel ... Thank you so much!

Edible birthday greetings from Megan & Tim! From warm & sunny California ... they arranged for Ann's Bakery to make these cookies! Everyone LOVED taking a bite of me.... Thank you!

Thanks to everyone for making the party so special & for thinking of me on my special day!


hub of the house said...

YAY!!! happy birthday!

Tim said...

Happy Birthday!!!!1 (yesterday)