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Friday, May 1, 2009

Gail..."My Kindred Soul" Girlfriend!

Everybody meet Gail Troxell! We have been friends since Camden (her daughter) and Megan were in first grade together! Then we moved to sunny California....but we came back and picked up right where we had left off! She is a skilled nurse up at St. John's hospital which is a few blocks away, across from Fashionable Utica Square! We meet quite often for lunch... We went to "Peppers" today, a Tex Mex place in the Square! Gail and I like the same books & TV shows and we always seem to just laugh through our lunches together! Her Daughter Camden is expecting a baby in September with her husband, Matt (a great American Indian Artist} Gail is married to the nicest guy ever, Larry! I especially like him because he thinks I look like a particular movie star! They own a ranch out side of town with horses and chickens and a pool and a veggie garden! Instead of meeting whenever...we decided today we will try and meet the first Friday of each month! All of you, please make an effort to do the same with your own dear friends once a month, if possible!

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