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Saturday, May 9, 2009

More Beverly Hills Make Overs...Thanks To Megan's Connections!

Tabatha has quite the job of making me look somewhat cool!!

Tabatha is Meg's friend and they have alot in common...she was born in Kansas and Meg was born in Okalahoma! They met through Paige, who was born in Texas! Dear sweet Tabitha is the salt of the earth, most beautiful and we "Taylors" love her! Meg and I love her spirit of adventure! She recently moved into a loft in downtown Los Angeles! How cool is that!

Thank you dear sweet Tabatha...for the experience of the most upscale Beverly Hills Salon! For just a moment I felt like a movie star! You did a double nickels Mom ...such an ego boost!!! I love my new hairdo! Have fun in Kansas next week with you family!

1 comment:

hub of the house said...

Tabatha is wondering if you had practiced your blow drying technique?