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Monday, May 4, 2009

It's True! Kim's IPHONE Dreams Have Come True!

Dillan is so proud of her Daddy for making Kim's IPHONE dreams come true! It's her first Mother's Day and if anyone deserves a IPHONE, it's our beautiful daughter in law! Mother's Day is this coming Sunday! Order the flowers, get or make a Mother's Day card for that special Mom in your life! And follow Beau's lead and buy her a IPHONE!
(p.s. Both Stephen and I have IPHONES and absolutely love them! The only stock we own is APPLE...so naturally we love when people get IPHONES! The wave of the future!)

Happy Mother's Day Kim...I will be in the City Of The Angels this Mother's Day with my daughter Meggie...have the most loving day ever! Just watching Dillan light up when you walk into the room, that says it all! You are such a great MOM!!!

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hub of the house said...

Kim you are going to LOVE it!!!!