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Monday, May 18, 2009

Meet Hillary Of Los Angeles Dog Company!

Hillary is the only person that could LOVE your dog as much as you do!
And your dogs will love her too! Hillary and my Megan are best of friends...and of course I adore her (was so sad I didn't get to see Hillary last week when I was in LA)!!!! She's an artist, an actress and the successful owner of a "nanny to the dogs" business! I am so happy for "Walter", Meg & Tim's new Scottie dog...he will soon be part of Hillary's entourage! Please check out her blog from mine for some great pictures of...DOGS, of course!
P.S. Hillary is from Dallas Texas...isn't she beautiful!!!!


LA DOG CO said...

aww shucks! What do I owe the pleasure of all this flattery???? Sad I missed you! I will take good care of your little grandpuppy! xoxo

LA's Dog company's # 1 Fan!!!!! said...

Hillary....I was sooooooooo sad that I didn't get to see your happy face...meg did drive me by your new place and I thought...what's my car doing out front of this adorable home? But I hear that I may get to see you in Chicago!!!!!!! COOL!