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Monday, May 11, 2009

My Mother's Day In The City Of Angels!

Meg & Tim really needed a dresser...We found one! The Rose Bowl is amazing! I have been to lots of flea markets in my lifetime...this one was ultra huge! I lost a few lbs in fluids...it was hot! Thanks to Meg...I finally experienced the Rose Bowl Flea Market! We found the perfect dresser...to go into the turquoise bedroom!

As you all know that I am on the search for the perfect cheeseburger! Meg took me to the # 1 rated burger place in all of greater Los Angeles! Pie n Burger!!! Loved it! Thanks for a great visit! I couldn't have had a better Mother's Day...and Tim gave me a great hug....Tim's the greatest! And seeing sweet little Walter was the best! They are really good puppy owners! I might start a separate blog just about cheeseburgers?

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hub of the house said...

such a pleasure hanging with you!!!