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Monday, May 4, 2009

I Love Rock & Roll, Put Another Dime In The Jutebox Baby!

One of many lovely Xmas presents from Stephen...tickets to Fleetwood Mac! We started our special date by going to dinner at a fancy restaurant!
We don't really have the famous "black" card, maybe someday? You have to be superb rich or superb famous...we do have a platinum American Express card! Good enough to get us reservations at the famous "Chalkboard" restaurant downtown in the renovated Ambassador Hotel, built at the turn of the last century!

Stephen snapped this fetching pose while we were waiting for crab cake appetizers!

We took the red trolley from The Chalkboard to the Fleetwood Mac concert!

Stephen knows how to balance rock & roll with baseball because he has a Iphone!
Close to 14,000 Fleetwood Mac fans showed up last night! The concert was fabulous! To our left was the stage and to our right were the two men who did the closed captions for the hearing impaired...if you ever get a chance to see a rock concert in sign language, well it was AMAZING! In fact, it was beautiful! Thank You Stephen for a wonderful evening!


hub of the house said...

looking cute! hey you soell chalkboard 2 diff ways. pick one! xoxoxoxoxoox - see you in 3 days

Janie Taylor said...

What do you mean?