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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Memorial Day Mattress Sale!

The Sealy Posturpedic True Form King Size Memory Foam Mattress! We own it! Delivery is scheduled for tomorrow, Wednesday May 27th, 2009! We will be married 36 years come this July...our first bed was a wedding present from Grandma and Grandpa Taylor...A California King size bed! Wow! In the early 90's we bought our 2nd mattress set...the whole process is just hilarious! The mattress guy (Dave #4) had us lay down on virtually every mattress in the store...quite embarrassing but quite necessary, don't you think? Roll to your side, lay on your back...which side do you normally sleep on, etc....Row after row of beds...firm, soft, pillow top...and then we tried the memory foam and thought maybe we could just take a nap before we handed over our money! When the bed gets here we were told to jump on the mattress for at least a half hour to open up the air pockets! Who thought buying a mattress could be such fun!

Conforming Memory Foam
Multiple layers of comfortable, cradling of memory foam
Responds to your body's weight and temperature
Reduces pressure points and minimizes motion transfer

Good Night, Sleep Tight!


Had a Good Night's Sleep said...

Mattress update.....this bed has changed our lives....we are sleeping blissfully now!

firstnamejane and husband said...

Crazy? Crazy?.....Memory Foam! Maybe you could start with a pillow? But the next time you need a new bed...invest! You spend at least 8 hours everyday on your bed!