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Saturday, May 30, 2009

We Met With Our Lawyer!

His name is Blake Hayes, Esquire!

Blake and Beau are good friends! When Blake took his "bar exams" a few years ago...Grandma Taylor prayed for him all day long! Obviously he passed and is now an up and coming brilliant Attorney @ Law!

So why the pictures of the BEAR? You might ask? We met at Blakes office to discuss really, really, really important business! As he seated us in the conference room... what loomed in the corner? Yes, the stuffed BEAR! A taxidermy delight! I'd seen a stuffed dear head and a stuffed fish....but not a giant BEAR!
Blake and his beautiful wife, Tara have recently become proud parents of a little fellow named Carson! We wish them great luck and we know Blake will always take good care of us in legal matters! BEAR None!

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