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Monday, May 18, 2009

Silverspoon Dog & Baby Event

Okay, let's start with www.LITTLECAPERS.COM!!! Non Violent Super Hero shirts w/detachable Capes!! A super duper gift!

Danielle (Meg's best friend from US Weekly) got us in to the Silverspoon Doggie & Baby event at the Century City Hilton last weekend! Lots and Lots of booths featuring the lastest and hippest things for dogs and babies! I came home with soooooo much fun stuff for Petuka and Baby Dillan! Here are some of my favorites...and you'll enjoy going to their websites!

The good people from stride rite shoes gave me these cute shoes for Dillan!

WWW.KULAKLIPS.COM They make the cutest hairclips for babies!!!!!

Petuka loves her new snoozles bandana! Check out Dog American Style!

I absolutely loved midori bamboo, I highly recommend their website!

These baby throws are so soft and cuddly! The clothing and everything is made from bamboo!

cj's Bitz "The Gourmet Chocolate Treat"!

"Snack of the Day" on the Rachael Ray Show!!!

Do what you love and love what you do! cj's Bitz & Stix, did just that! They are the perfect blend of salt & sweet, crunchy & velvety smooth, a one of a kind gourmet chocolate treat that is truly irresistible! I was given a box of the dark chocolate for Stephen and he just loved them! Think peanut butter, white chocolate...soooo good! Go to www.cjsstix.com to order a ONE-OF-A-KIND gourmet chocolate treat! Even better than girl scout cookies!

Petuka has really been "tugging" away with her new "Doggy Tug"!! Thanks to the nice people at the Silverspoon dog and baby event!

Take the "prep" out of food preparation! An easy way to add flavor, pizzazz and nutrition to your meals! You can easily incorporate these pureed veggies into everyday recipes....from spaghetti to chocolate cake! Visit their website: www.HipHip Puree.com....they will ship to you through Amazon.com....they also have some fabulous recipes...so healthy for yourself and the kids!

This luxury pet boutique had alot of fun stuff, alot of cute things for little dogs!
Megan was best buddies with Alli Jensen (now Baldocchi) when we lived in Manhattan Beach...they have remained friends all these years...Alli grew up to create this fabulous line of beach and swim wear for children.. They even make wet suits! So cool www.haidensurf.com Check this one out for sure!


Janie Taylor said...

so fun silvespooning with you!!!

hub of the house said...

ooops...that was from me!